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Speech Repository

What is it?

The Speech Repository is an online distance learning tool for non-commercial and pedagogical purposes. It contains video recordings of real-life speeches and tailor-made pedagogical material which give you the opportunity to practise and improve your interpretation skills.

It is strictly prohibited to publish any content of this website. Any information from this website may be used for training purposes only.

Selected speeches (or pedagogically-relevant parts of them) - in all languages of interest for the European institutions - are collected by a pool of professional interpreters and stored in a searchable online database.

The speeches include:

  • recordings from public conferences on Commission premises
  • press conferences
  • parliamentary debates
  • interviews
  • speeches given specifically for training purposes by EU interpreters and university trainers

The material is collected from the European institutions, international and national organisations and institutions.

All speeches are categorised according to:

  • language
  • level
  • intended use (consecutive or simultaneous interpretation)
  • domain ("subject")
  • type

Speeches are regularly evaluated and reviewed by professional interpreters and experienced interpreter trainers. Users can search for speeches using different criteria and watch them on a personal device.


DISCLAIMER: The views expressed in the speeches are not necessarily those of the speakers themselves and may not in any circumstances be regarded as stating an official position of the European Commission.

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