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Un discurso sobre el consumo de pornografía por parte de la población adolescente
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Estas son las 3 principales ventajas de mudarse a otro país.

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15 February 2024

On 16 February Lithuania celebrates one of its 2 independence days, the Restoration of the State Day, which should not be confused with the Restoration of Independence Day, celebrated on 11 March. Lithuania was in the midst of World War I. Instead of allying itself with...

17 November 2023

On 18th November 1918, the People’s Council of Latvia proclaimed the independence of the Republic of Latvia. The state would remain independent until the Soviet occupation of the country on 17th June 1940. Latvia regained its independence 51 years later, on 21st August...

10 November 2023

On 11 November, Poland commemorates the anniversary of the restoration of its sovereignty. Poland had been erased from the world map for 123 years when the Second Polish Republic was established in 1918. During those years, the territories that are today part of Poland...

25 October 2023

On 26th October, Austria celebrates its National Day. On that day, 10 years after the end of the Second World War, Austria declared its neutrality, a stance which characterized the country throughout the 20th century and which the country still prides itself on today...

11 October 2023

October 12th is Spain’s national day. This day marks the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the Americas in 1492. Spanish is truly a global language as it is the official language of 21 countries on three continents and it is an official language of both the European...

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